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October 24, 2020
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Maintain the Beauty of your Car Paint Job!

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After a hard day at work, you head for your parked car and see a long scratch illuminated in the street light. This is upsetting, but what can you do? Some vehicle owners know how to buff out minor scratches. But like the majority of drivers, you will need to enlist the help of professionals to restore your car paint job to like-new condition. You may be asking what can you do to protect your car paint job from getting scratched in the first place?

Here are a few tips for taking good care of your car paint job:

> Parking -- Don't park near areas where a lot of people will walk by your car, such as store entrances, ball games, and the like. People often are carrying many items, some of them sharp metal, and they can unknowingly scratch your car.Also avoid parking next to improperly parked vehicles where your doors can get dents and scratches from theirs. Careless owners will probably show the same thoughtlessness to your car as they do to their own.
> Steer clear -- Steer clear of narrow alleys or lanes that may have protruding rocks or bricks, or overgrown bushes or trees that could scrape your car paint job.
> Washing -- Wash your vehicle regularly to get rid of abrasive dirt. Use lots of water and start washing from the roof down. Careless washing (such as bad automatic car washes) can lead to probable dirt abrasion, causing swirl-marks or unappealing scratches in the surface of your car paint.
> Cleaning - Never use your hands or just a dry cloth to wipe away dirt or grime. The dirt can nick and scratch your glossy finish of your car paint job.

Unfortunately, even following the tips above, there are some scratches you are unable to prevent. Don't try to touch-up the paint yourself with just any aerosol paint. Ask for professional help from the experts at an auto body paint shop to fix a scratch or rust spot. Restore the beauty of your car with a quality car paint job!

For a premium car paint job by professionals, contact our certified technicians at Automall Autobody or go online to for more information. We will be pleased to take care of your vehicle and provide you with honest and professional auto body painting. Our auto body shop serves vehicle owners in Henderson, NV and surrounding communities.


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