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October 4, 2020
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Convenient Infant Car Seat Carriers

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A great option for expecting parents who are trying to select from the numerous choices of infant car seats in preparation for bringing home their newborn baby are the versatile infant car seat carriers. These carriers are a combination of an infant carrier and a seat designed in such a way that the infant carrier simply snaps into an adjustable base that remains in the vehicle allowing you take the baby in the carrier with you without having to disturb them or remove them from their seat. The versatility of these seat carriers makes them the perfect solution for busy parents who are always on the go.

The Multiple Benefits and Tips for Selecting the Right Car Seat Carrier

There are many benefits to infant car seat carriers including the ability to transport your baby comfortably from your home to the car and then into a store and back again without ever having to disturb their sleep or remove them from their comfortable seat. These car seat carriers are also great for individuals who are on a limited budget as they are typically lower in cost when compared to the majority of "convertible" car seats available on the market today. Most of these carriers come with a collapsible canopy that is adjustable for protection from the sun and wind, therefore, if you plan on using your infant carrier for taking your baby outside frequently for walks or fresh air you will want to ensure that you purchase one that has this feature. While all infant car seat carriers come with a "stay-in-car-base" that straps securely to the seat of your vehicle, you will want to ensure that your base has an adjustable feature that allows it to be angled in the optimal reclining position suited to your baby's comfort.

Many parents who own two vehicles elect to purchase a second car seat base for their infant carrier making it convenient to switch vehicles without having to remove the base each time, however, it is important if you would like this option that you select a car seat that gives you the option of purchasing a second base. While all infant seats are now "rear-facing" seats and all babies who are under one year and weigh less than twenty pounds should remain facing the rear of the vehicle, it is recommended that they should remain in car seats that are rear-facing for as long as it is possible providing that they do not exceed the weight and height limitations of the car seat. Fortunately, rear-facing seat carriers are available that will accommodate tiny infants and can be adjusted as they grow with weight limitations that can exceed thirty pounds and height limitations that can exceed thirty inches. Therefore, you should select an infant seat with the highest limitations available as it will allow you to keep your baby in a rear-facing seat and use your infant carrier as long as possible.

Car Seat Carrier Safety Features

While all seat carriers that are designed by reputable manufacturers meet or exceed the federal guidelines for safety, it is essential that you use your infant carrier and car seat properly in accordance with the manufacturer instructions. The majority of the instructions that come with high quality infant car seats are easy to follow and understand. By following these instructions carefully, you will be ensuring the optimal safety of your baby. For their convenience, ease of use, and affordability, car seat carriers are a great option for expecting parents who are purchasing one on their own, or also make a great choice when it comes to selecting a baby shower gift.


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