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July 26, 2020
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Charged With DUI Again - What You Should Expect

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When you have been charged more than one time with driving under the influence (DUI), it's necessary that you hire a qualified and knowledgeable DUI lawyer. If you have already had a DUI or if you have multiple convictions for DUI on your driving history and you're charged with another DUI, you're regarded as being a repeat DUI offender or a multiple DUI offender. With each consecutive DUI conviction, the legal penalties that you face become harsher and stiffer. This means that when you get the second DUI or more it will be an extremely serious offense. Whenever you commit the act of driving while impaired more than one time, you demonstrate a total lack of regard for the well-being and safety of yourself and of others. When the court believes that you failed to learn what you should have the very first time, the response is usually unyielding and harsh.

The penalties when getting more than one DUI include fines, imprisonment, and suspension of one's driver's license. There may also be a requirement that you attend an alcohol treatment program or a DUI school, and you may additionally be expected to perform community service. You will likely be on probation and also have to report to a probation officer using a regular schedule. Further, the court may order you to use a device with your vehicle that administers a breathalyzer to you before you can start your vehicle's engine. If you're instructed to install this piece of equipment, the price for this will be coming out of your own pocket.

Since the penalties for DUI increase every time you get a DUI charge, you must have the assistance of a seasoned and competent DUI lawyer who is in a position to litigate and negotiate for your benefit so that you can minimize the damages from the charge. If this DUI is your second, third, or fourth offense, you will be facing:

Second DUI within a time period of ten years means it is possible to go to jail for a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of one year. There may be monetary fines of $390 to $1,000 together with the possibility of a penalty assessment. Your right to drive a motor vehicle may be suspended for up to two years. You may be ordered to go to an alcohol or drug abuse treatment program for as long as 30 months or 2 years.

Three DUI's inside a time period of ten years. You can be jailed for a minimum of 120 days up to a maximum of one year. The fine may be as high as $1,000, and there may be penalty assessments. You might have your license suspended for as much as three years. You may be forced to attend an alcohol or a drug treatment program for up to 30 months.

Your fourth DUI inside of a time period of 10 years. You may be jailed for a minimum of 180 days as well as a maximum of 16 months. You can be assessed a monetary fine as high as $1,000. Your license may be suspended for as much as four years. You can be required to attend a lengthy alcohol and drug treatment program.

It is quite evident that whenever you've got subsequent DUIs the escalating penalties may be harsh. You need to speak to your DUI attorney at the earliest opportunity following your DUI charge to ensure he is able to begin to prepare your defense.


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